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Welcome to ColorWhorage, a livejournal-community "coloring book".

How does this work? People post lineart, other people color it. There's not much more to it than that - there are no set genres, no themes, and really, no restrictions... so get started! XD

  • Only post your own art (lineart: one per day, coloring: unlimited).
  • Please do not link to DA or any other such galleries; simply post the lines.
  • Use an LJ-cut on all images (thumbnails more than welcome!), add warnings when appropriate, and note fandoms if applicable.
  • No flaming or bashing. Constructive crit is fine, but there's a difference between giving advice and being a troll.
  • If you post your picture elsewhere, please give credit where it's due!
  • Please do not make an introduction post.

(Lineartists) When posting, you are giving others permission to take your work, alter it, and display it. By nature of this community, you cannot dictate how your lineart is to be colored. (So... if you post lineart of your personal character, other artists aren't obligated to follow your design - turn your brunette into a dashing redhead or something. :O